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Refund policy

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All design and development fees paid are nominal & nonrefundable. The websites hosted by letsdowebsite, per maintenance and hosting agreement are supported to the extent of maintenance of those websites and presentation on the Internet. Information on such websites will be update without any charge as long as the maintenance and hosting fees are paid. All websites transferred to hosting providers other than letsdowebsite or managed by customers themselves are not subject to any warranties. The customer upon approval of such web site and upload of the same to their hosting server, other than letsdowebsite server, indemnify letsdowebsite from any liability there on. Any changes or upgrades required per sales agreement need to be notified within 24 hours of the delivery to the customer or their designated hosting server. Services are rendered to the satisfaction of the customer. While we offering services to our customers in India, USA, Canada, Any liability, claim or refunds should be addressed to the offices in India or through our website Further any questions to be contacted