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Why use Web Based Application?

Web-based apps are great at storing your data.

Web-based applications solve all these problems by storing all user data in the cloud — on a powerful server that can manage your information and quickly distribute it to users of your software when requested.

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Examples of Web-Based Applications

You may not know, but you are most likely using web-based applications in your daily life. Depending on the use scenario, web-based apps can be pretty simple or mirror the complexity of desktop software. Some examples of the latter are:

  • (1). Web-based apps are cross-platform and universally accessible.
  • (2). Web-based applications are easy to update and maintain.
  • (3). Web-based apps are great at storing your data and apps are secure.
  • (4). Web-based applications allow you to invest less money in software development.
  • (5). Web-based applications are highly scalable.
  • The Advantages of Using Web-Based Applications

    Web-based applications allow you to invest less money in software development

    Since web-based apps can be run on any platform, you won’t have to pay developers to create multiple versions of your program (for Mac OS and Windows, or for Android and iOS). Your single web-based application will be available to users of all mobile and desktop operating systems.

    Web-based applications are highly scalable

    Web-based software doesn’t have to be installed and configured, so it’s much easier to quickly increase the number of active users as opposed to desktop programs. What’s more, modern Web servers perform extremely well even when faced with thousands of simultaneous requests, so expanding the network of Web app users is often possible without any additional software configuration or modification.

    Web-based apps are great at storing your data

    If you gather all your data from desktop applications, chances are that it’s scattered around multiple databases. This may not seem like a huge problem, but it may slow down the performance of your software because it has to request data from more than one source at runtime. What’s more, if your data sets are accessed and manipulated from various devices, the differences between their operating systems may lead to errors and corrupted data.

    Web-based apps are secure

    Web-based applications are run on dedicated servers which are constantly moderated by professional Web administrators. This means that any possible errors or intrusions will be noticed and addressed quickly. As a result, a web-based system is a lot more secure than its desktop analog.

    Web-based apps deployment is easy, cost-effective, and fast

    When your business is making the transition from desktop software to a web-based application, your staff or customers will be able to start using the new system almost immediately. There’s no need to install new software on their computers, you just have to make sure that they’re able to access the new server.

    Web-based applications are easy to update and maintain

    There’s no need to install any software on client machines, so it doesn’t have to be reinstalled when your app undergoes a major update. Furthermore, even completely replacing the software on the server will require no changes on client devices as long as they still can access the server. If you have a dynamic business, this can save you a lot of time and money down the road.
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